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Our mission

To assist Ukrainian soldiers who have lost their limbs as a result of injuries sustained during the war.

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We are a team of individuals who share a common vision and  are not indifferent to Ukraine and its people. We comprehend the essence of the issue and fully understand that the future of Ukraine is in the hands of its citizens. By collaborating and delivering the highest level of prosthetics services to soldiers, we contribute to Ukraine's fight for freedom.




"They fight not only for their country. They fight so that the war does not come to us. Consequently, they are our soldiers, and it is our responsibility take care of them. While we cannot bring the deceased back to life,  we must strive to restore  the injured to a full life. They have fulfilled their duty, now let's fulfill ours.”

Arūnas Valinskas


"War is always evil. It will never change. It strips away the maturity of reality, shatters dreams, muddies time and pollutes lives. War consistently spits on peace, tranquility, joy and the future. However, there is always a counterweight, another option, there is always peace, a future. Soldiers provide it to us, watch over and protect us. Our service to them is not just the ability to witness closeness, friendship, help, or compassion. But it is once again an expressed commitment to peace, to our future, to children and life itself. By aiding them, we tread  the path of peace."

Fr. Ričardas Doveika


"Never say that you are tired. That you are tired of helping. They are for us. And we stand with them. Until the victory is achieved."

Laima Lavastė


Use of funds

During the "Back to Life" initiative, collected funds are allocated to Ukrainian soldiers injured during the war:


  • for the production and individual adaptation of limb prostheses;

  • for mobility aids;

  • for warranty service of limb prostheses upon the patient's return to Ukraine.







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